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Final Project Website Reflection

I genuinely feel as though this website demonstrates all of the skills I have learned to perform in this class. At first, I didn't know if I could get it done. A lot was going on while I was trying to work on this project, and I wish I managed my time a little better, as I feel guilty that I didn't have it completely done by Thursday the 14th.
    Choosing my process was pretty simple (surprisingly, as I am wicked indecisive). The first thing I thought of was dogs. I almost did a dog adoption website, but then I thought I'd make it more fun. That's when I came up with the idea of a dog dating website. Part of the reason I chose this was because I felt that the format gave me enough opportunities to make different layouts and use different skills I had learned throughout the course. I used the given websites such as Coolors and the tile background websites to find my colors and background image. I used columns, blockquotes, photo galleries, 3D writing, image border…

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